Migrant Experience

The migrant experience is an interactive activity where participants assume the role of a migrant worker and goes through various stations in their shoes. It seeks to highlight the challenges and concerns faced by migrant workers, and also develop empathy in the participants. During the reflections, different people came out of the experience with many different feelings and thoughts, and they each learnt something that may have or have not been intended by us. Through this experience, we also hope to break certain stereotypes CAPT students may have of migrant workers and provide more opportunities to engage with this community in the future.

“Doing this project and listening to the voice clips of migrant workers sharing their stories made me reflect on how much these people value their families, and this feeling is further elevated by being away from them - and makes me reflect on the value of my own family to me and how much I should appreciate the constants in my life.”

- Grace Fun, CAPT SI member

“I think it was really good that we went out to the field and conducted some groundwork by interviewing migrants first as it unravelled interesting facts about their personal lives that we may not have been able to know about. In addition, it was good as it was also a first step in us bridging the gap of communication between us and them, which is extremely important if we were to build an experience that aims to draw the Singaporean community and migrant community together. Hence, only by breaking our own stereotypes first can we help others to dispel other myths about migrants.”

- Zoe Chai, CAPT SI member