Blurred Lines

CAPT Blurred Lines aims to show the impact of gender stereotypes on our everyday behaviour and how it impedes our participation in certain activities. Through a series of interviews, we managed to have a glimpse into the gender issues that several CAPTains faced. These interviews were recorded and eventually compiled into a short video.
We hope to highlight that conforming to gender stereotypes is not wrong, but respect for all, regardless of gender, is a key element in our interaction with others. Most importantly, CAPT Blurred Lines aims to generate conversation amongst CAPTains about the tricky subject of gender. We held a special preview event for 40 randomly chosen CAPTains to watch our short clip on gender stereotypes and gender roles. As a response to the film, participants were then asked to jot down their reflections of what they would like to start, continue and stop doing with regards to gender stereotypes. In addition, the clip was posted on Angsana Marketplace as well to spread the word about gender to a greater audience. Many of us live our lives perhaps unaware of restrictions that being a certain gender imposes on us. Some of us may also accept it as a societal norm that should not or cannot be changed. However, we believe that it is necessary to raise questions about gender as everyone deserves to be respected as individuals and not be confined due to gender stereotypes and roles. 

Do take some time to watch the video we have made below :) 

- Written By Huifen Ong