SISTEER Study Group Session 4

On week 6 (21 Feb) we had Dr Tina Shrestha as our guest speaker, who spoke about her anthropological work on aspirant Nepali migrant workers and highlighted the contrasts in understanding development in contemporary Nepal. When space (rural vs urban) segregates the concepts and definitions of development (Pigg, 1992), the dilemmas become prominent. 

In addition, 2 students from the reading group, namely Kenneth and Lawanya, did a presentation on  Bikas Udhyami, an organization which strives to contribute to Nepal's development by providing new perspectives and alternative solutions for the country's political, economic, and social challenges through an entrepreneurial approach. In doing so, Bikas Udhyami hopes to engage youths in Nepal in shaping the development discourse through the identification of innovative and smart solutions to existing and emerging challenges in order to achieve positive change. 

Previous and Current initiatives by Bikas Udhyami
- Enhance Data and Statistics literacy, education, and usage in Nepal.
- Higher Education initiatives: To provide free, online platform for Nepali students to assist them during higher education. Advanced search engines and databases, integrated calenders and planners and interactive forums.
Skill Labs and Experience Exchange – Develop practical and professional skills for career after graduation (These skills are related to career development and student life improvement like how to improve your resume, cite correctly, write better papers, use social media professionally, public speaking etc.)'
- Promote entrepreneurship via the Udyami Nepal platform.
- Promote leadership cultivation via the catalyst blog.

With this, we look forward to visiting Nepal and our partner organization (Bikas Udhyami) in May!!!!!

- Written by Joel Chew :)