SISTEER Study Group Session 5

In this session, there was a presentation done by 2 members of the reading group, namely Joel and Grace. In this presentation, they explored the geography and environment in Kathmandu city, the capital of Nepal, and ecoprise, a social enterprise in Nepal.

A few interesting things about Kathmandu:
- An ethnically and culturally diverse city, with the Newar being the largest ethnic group at 30 percent of the population.
- Hinduism and Buddhism are the 2 primary religions in the city.
- Nepali is the most commonly spoken language, as well as Nepal Bhasa and English.
- One of the slowest internet speed (0.256mbps) among the capitals around the world.
 - Many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Nepal.

Ecoprise Organization
- To provide sustainable energy solutions to under-served communities facing energy poverty in Nepal that create economic, environmental, and social impact.
- Target Audience: Commercial Companies, Residential Households, and Government.
- Provides solar pumps, solar heaters, and solar commercial loans, and BioUrja, a dry anaerobic that digests organic waste and generates biogas.


- Written by Joel Chew :)