SISTEER Nepal Day 12: Travelling across the country

Meandering along the cliffs, one will be amazed by the engineering feats of the Nepali. The journey from the mountains to the town of Besisahar took a mere 3 hours. Without transport, I wonder how long would it take to get to the foot of the mountain. How did people travel in the past?

The trip from Besisahar to Dhulikhel was even longer, a good seven hours on a bus. While the bus travel briskly along the highway, it was not a particularly pleasant journey as we have grown accustomed to in Singapore. Occasionally, the air-conditioning had to be switch off to prevent the engine from overheating. Sometimes, there would be an accident along the one-lane highway, causing massive jams. 

The team were exhausted from the travelling which took the entire day, from 7am to 7pm. My thoughts are with the organizations who said they had projects that ventured deep into the mountains, with no transportation access. Amazed and in awe of the work they do, going the extra mile (literally). 

~ Benson