SISTEER Nepal Day 7 - Exploration in Pokhara

This is a place unlike Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Most parts of Pokhara are different parts of Nature put together, and the region is definitely less densely populated than Kathmandu. Owing to its lush greenery, magnificent snow cap mountains, and picturesque lakes, Pokhara is often considered as the tourism capital of Nepal. In addition, Pokhara is home to many Gurkha soldiers and the starting point for most mountain treks in Nepal, such as the trek we took to Ghandruk.
As we sat on the bus back to Pokhara, we reflected on our journey as we were on top of the mountains. Did the work at the Annapurna conservation region inspire us? Did the trek up to the Ghandruk village bring the group closer? Was the scenery in Ghandruk the best that Nepal offered us?
We may not have had all our questions answered, but were certainly contented that the social innovation wing included Pokhara as part of the itinerary in Nepal.

Written by: Joel Cheo