SI Design Thinking Workshop 2018

On 15 September, the newly formed Social Innovation Wing met to be equipped on the design thinking framework that will propel us for the year ahead even as we plan for upcoming initiatives.
SI Wing Director, Yu Xiang, shared with us more on the concept about design thinking and how it is user centric and it involves giving people a brand new experience and meeting their needs along the way. He then shared about the mindsets and process of design thinking. Design thinking involves 5 stages. Firstly, it is to empathise with the target group, then to define the problem, generate ideas, do a prototype and lastly to test it out and garner feedback for further improvement.

Thereafter, we put what we learnt into practice and did a user experience journey for an elderly with dementia who is going out of the house. We wrote a timeline including every detail of what the elderly would do and thereafter highlighted certain pain points of their journey.  As a team, we put on our thinking caps and then came up with some possible innovative and feasible solutions for the elderly.
Our members hard at work :)
The user journey map we came up with!
In the afternoon, guest speaker Mr Ivan Loh from Lien Foundation came to share with us about the ‘Forget Us Not’ Project that aims to build a dementia friendly community in Singapore. Through his sharing, we learnt more about dementia and the prevalence of dementia in Singapore, especially in view of the ageing population. He then shared about the common symptoms of dementia and how his team has been using media in the form of publicity videos to spread the message to the community to be on the look out and to assist people with these symptoms.

One major takeaway is that dementia has no medical cure and as a community we need to be able to understand, engage and support them in terms of improving their psychosocial wellbeing. All of us has a part to play in building a dementia friendly community in our society so let’s take the initiative to offer help should we see any in our neighbourhood and spread the message to raise awareness!
Our new SI Wing team with Mr Ivan Loh :D